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  1. Vertical Fins are screening systems which is useful in building when faced with particular problems as they are often an affordable option with lightweight construction. Vertical fins can be used to obscure unwanted buildings or objects to create it more aesthetically pleasing. Lower the effect of solar glare whilst allowing light in to the building.
  2. • There are many different reasons to control the amount of sunlight that is admitted into a building.
    • In warm, sunny climates excess solar gain may result in high cooling energy consumption;
    • in cold and temperate climates winter sun entering south-facing windows can positively contribute to passive solar heating;
    • and in nearly all climates controlling and diffusing natural illumination will improve day lighting.
  3. Reduce elements entering the building in harsh weather conditions whilst allowing a constant airflow in to the building preventing build up of toxic fumes in buildings like car parks. Even for a security reason to prevent un authorised persons entering premises whilst not making it look like a prison and still maintaining security.
  4. Well-designed sun control and shading devices can dramatically reduce building peak heat gain and cooling requirements and improve the natural lighting quality of building interiors. Depending on the amount and location of fenestration, reductions in annual cooling energy consumption of 5% to 15% have been reported.
  5. Sun control and shading devices can also improve user visual comfort by controlling glare and reducing contrast ratios. This often leads to increased satisfaction and productivity. Fins offer the opportunity of differentiating one building facade from another. This can provide interest and human scale to an otherwise undistinguished design.

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